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The Atlanta Travelers


The Atlanta Travelers is a relatively new group with seasoned singers. As reflected in their name, they are from Atlanta, Georgia. The group was formed in June, 2009. The members were previously with Lil Dave and The Soulful Knights. They were with the Soulful Knights for eight years before venturing out on their own as The Atlanta Travelers.
The group vocalists are Anthony J. Clark, Gerriell D. Gilmer and Daniel L. Petty. The musicians are Eric Parham, David Reeves, Freddie Terrell, Adrian Lowe, Hollis Morton, and Leonard Julien, III.
Their new CD is titled Last Time. It is a CD that is well rooted in traditional gospel music. In addition, the musical arrangement for each song is outstanding. The guys are certainly influenced by Rhythm and Blues and good smooth Soul Music. If there was a designation of ‘easy listening’ quartet gospel, this CD would qualify.
There are only four songs on the CD. They are “He Won’t Let You Down,” “It’s Going To Be Alright,” “Fire Shut Up In My Bones,” and “Last Time.” The songs allow the listeners to get a good sampling of the diverse vocal talent of the group. You get just enough on this CD to want more from this group. In addition, there is an instrumental of each song on the CD.
We understand that the group may be releasing a DVD of their performance of the songs from the debut CD. While we wait for the DVD, listen to songs from The Atlanta Travelers during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast.

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